Top Breeder Award
2008 -2016


Japanese akita inu

The Tsoyu kennel was established in 2007.

Our vision:
to consistently produce healthy Akita Inus with excellent type, health & impeccable character.

Our mission:
to achieve worldwide recognition as successful breeders of high quality Akita Inu.

Awarded UK TOP BREEDER title from 2008 to 2016
The leading UK kennel specialising in the development of the Japanese Akita Inu

Orignally founded in 2007 through a partnership venture between long term friends;
Maureen Thompson, Peter Chapman and Alan & Cherry Wilkinson.

From this beginning we jointly pioneered Kennel Club recognition for the Akita Inu in the UK and are founding members of the UK's first breed club. Combining our resources enabled us to select and import the finest bloodlines and our united experience, approach and intention has successfully influenced the breed's development in the UK.

In 2016 Cherry & Alan Wilkinson decided to take up another path in life and so stepped back from the Tsoyu partnership.
Maureen and Peter took full control of the Tsoyu kennel to continue their exciting and forward thinking breeding programme.

Tsoyu is extremely proud to be producing Multi, International Champions and high quality family companions as well as being the only kennel to have produced 2 generations of CRUFTS Best of Breed winners. Our reputation continues to grow throughout Europe through investment in successful show campaigns at International and world shows.

We highly value the many friendships created through partnership working with like minded UK and European enthusiasts. This approach has provided many benefits but most importnantly enabling cohesive working towards a common goal of preserving the natural and healthy qualityies of the breed. By encouraging newcomers to the breed and providing them with guidance and mentoring we will continue to promote responsible ownership and breeding. In return they have committed to campaign Tsoyu bred dogs in the show arena and use them wisely in their own breeding programmes going forward.

Maureen has been involved in the world of dogs since 1977 and is an accomplished trainer, handler and International judge of Akitas and Akita Inu and a UK Championship show judge for Dobermann, Akita, Akita Inu and Shiba Inu. Also judging most breeds in the Working, Pastoral and Utility groups. In addition, Maureen is a serving officer of the breed club with responsibility for delivering all breed specific educational events.

Peter has been involved in the dog world since 1984; initially as an obedience competitior and trainer. Currently Chairman of the Japanese Akita Inu Club in the UK, as well as a KC registered obedience judge and Assessor for all levels of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme. In addition he is a veterinary trained and registered microchiip implanter.